Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Five Time Pro Bowler Roy Williams stays local to train at Ignition!

Bengals safety Roy Williams has five NFL Pro Bowls under his belt, but you wouldn’t know it. He is as humble as they come and he has been working hard each day as he prepares for his first season as a Cincinnati Bengal.
The Head Strength Coach for the Bengals Chip Morton encouraged Roy to stay in town in July to work on his fitness. Roy’s goals was to drop some bodyfat and to get in the best playing shape as possible We are very fortunate to have Roy in the Ignition facility. Roy has been a great role model for the entire Ignition family this summer. He is very open about his Christian faith and often times leads prayer after workouts. He can also be seen picking up trash or cleaning up the weight room after workouts.

Here is what Roy has to say about the program at Ignition:

"I had the opportunity to workout anywhere, but I chose to stay in town for my off season training with Clif Marshall. I really like the vibe and the energy that I got from Clif when I trained at Ignition. There are facilities who put emphasize on numbers, but Ignition puts a focus on bettering the total athlete by training the mental, physical and spiritual. They keep God first. Come be a part of the family and experience the joy!"

Read the article below from the Dayton Daily News on Roy’s training program.

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