Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ignition welcomes All-American Edmund Gates for NFL Combine Training

One of the top WR in this years NFL Draft, Edmund Gates, starts the Combine Training Program at Ignition today. Hoping he follows his cousin Bernard Scott (Bengals) and Johnny Knox (Bears) as the next Albilene Christian University players in the NFL. Glory to GOD.

Ignition welcomes UC Bearcat, Ben Guidugli

UC standout, Ben Guidugli TE/FB, begins his NFL PreDraft Training at Ignition.. He joins a loong list of Bearcats who have trained with Ignition: Barwin, Mickens, Nakamura, Gilyard, Bowie, Hagler, Matthews, Frazier. Glory to GOD

Monday, December 6, 2010

First NFL Prospect has reported to Ignition-OHIO

Today we welcome our first NFL Prospect of the year to Ignition. At 6'8 and 245, David Mims is the largest football player we have ever had. He has the size and potential to play in the NFL. Ted Borgerding and Ben Creamer will have him ready for the All Star Games & NFL Combine. Glory to GOD

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bengals Antwan Odom trains with Ignition APG

NFL defensive veteran Antwan Odom has spent the last couple of weeks training at Ignition and was added to the roster from the exempt list for the Cincinnati Bengals today. Odom returned to the team last week on a roster exemption, after completing a four-week NFL suspension.

Odom is one of the many Bengals whom have trusted in the Ignition APG program over the last few years. Bengals Strength Coach Chip Morton and Ignition Performance Director Clif Marshall have a close working relationship. We wish Odom the best as he returns to action for Bengals this season.


Written By: Clif Marshall, Performance Director

NFL Mocks one of the best know draft websites is taking readers behind the scenes for NFL Draft Preparation. Ignition will be doing weekly installments on throughout the NFL Combine Training Program. Each installment will focus on a behind the scenes look at the facilities in Ohio and Florida. In addition readers will get player interviews from the prospects in the training program. Take a look at our first blog on NFL Mocks.

Shoulder Injuries by Dustin Woods

One body part that is continuing to get a lot of attention due to a current rise in injury is the shoulder. Injuries to the shoulder joint are increasingly becoming a problem in many sports at many different levels. The two most popular injuries to the shoulder that require surgical repair depending on the size of the tear are labrum and rotator cuff tears. Whether it is a sudden freak accident or something that progresses over time, because of its wide range of motion, the shoulder joint is very prone to injury. You might recall two of college football’s top quarterbacks in 2010 Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy both had major shoulder injuries and surgeries that put them in the hot seat in terms of keeping their high priority status. I myself suffered three shoulder injuries in my 4 year career at Miami University, all which resulted in surgery.

As mentioned earlier, these shoulder injuries many times start from minor tears or instability that progressed over time. So it’s important to know the early signs of what may result in a major shoulder injury. Two of the most popular warning signs are instability and impingement. Individuals suffering from an instability problem will experience pain when raising their arm. They also may feel as if their shoulder is slipping out of place. Impingement problems can occur during activities that require excessive overhead arm motion. Impingement can easily be tested by placing the palm of your hand on the opposite shoulder, then raising your elbow toward your face without removing your palm. If you feel any pain you should inform your trainer of doctor.

It’s also important that as coaches, athletes and even parents we take responsibility in taking preventative measures in preventing these shoulder injuries. Continue to stretch and strengthen the major and minor shoulder muscles by performing movements that isolate the shoulder with small moderate weight.
Many exercises can be done with a resistance band. One simple exercise can be done by attaching a resistance band around a sturdy object so that is about the height of your hand. Stand with your elbow bent to 90 degrees. Rotate your arm out to the side and away from your body. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position. A similar movement but working different area is to stand on one end of the resistance band, and hold your arm out to the side to about 90 degrees with your palm facing down. Rotate your shoulder so that palm is facing forwards. Hold for a brief second and then lower to the starting position.
Again, it is important to test for any signs of shoulder injuries so that they do not turn into s serious issue. Also, even if no injury is present, continue to strengthen your muscles in the shoulder to prevent easy injury.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Performance Director Clif Marshall took a professional development trip this month to Auburn Alabama home of the Tiger Football Team, who is ranked number one in the current BCS Standings. Head Strength Coach Kevin Yoxall and Assistant Strength Coach Ryan Russell are two of the best in the business and that is showing with the results on the field for the Tigers. Coach Marshall and Coach Russell go back almost ten years when they were both young coaches on the Louisville Strength Staff.

Among the topics covered in the workshop sessions were: In Season Lifting Progressions, Off Season Speed Training Methods, Nutrition and Supplementation for Collegiate Athletes and Program Design / Periodiazation for Olympic Weightlifting.

We thank the Auburn strength staff for welcoming Ignition and look forward to our next meeting. In the meantime WAR EAGLE!

Ignition Releases 2011 NFL Combine Brochure

This year 1st round pick Devin McCourty of the Patriots owns the front cover of the Brochure and John Conner "The Terminator", Draft Pick of the Jets is showcased on the back cover. This is the first year that a UC Bearcat hasn't been on the cover of the brochure.

Inside of the 24 page booklet you will find pre and post test results, information on the staff, facilities in both Ohio and Florida and testimonials of NFL Athletes who have trusted in the Ignition Performance Program.

For the Electronic Version, please visit

Thursday, October 14, 2010

IGNITION Launches Hand Combat Training

Ignition's HAND COMBAT program led by Performance Specialist Ben Creamer is designed to teach you how to strike with speed, power and accuracy, how to evade opponent’s strikes, how to re-direct energy and force, and how to successfully manipulate your opponent should they manage to get their hands on you. It includes the basic principles of several different martial arts including boxing, kickboxing, wing chun kung fu, judo, and ju-jitsu. Many aspects of the program will teach athletes how to overcome an opponent on the field without fighting strength against strength through joint manipulation, reflex training, and redirection of force. Ignition’s HAND COMBAT program will also teach how to safely “fall” and “roll” in a game time or practice situation in order to avoid heavy impact to the spine. The rigorous workouts directly relate to the playing field and will enhance hand-eye coordination, work capacity, agility, and reflex. Aspects of the hand combat program have been featured in a number of different media publication and networks including STACK TV, Houston Chronicle and the NFL Network.

Click here to view Connor Barwin in Hand Combat Training:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ignition, APG hires Former MU Football Standout Dustin Woods

IGNITION Athletic Performance Group, the MidWest’s leading sport-specific training program, is pleased to announce former Miami Ohio four-year starter and team Captain Dustin Woods has joined the Ignition team of strength and speed specialists.

Now in its 5th year of NFL Combine Training headed up by Performance Director Clif Marshall, Ignition AGP is a nationally recognized combine prep program with facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio and Naples, Florida. The addition of Woods coincides with anticipation of Ignition’s largest NFL Combine prep class to date. Last year over 30 NFL hopefuls trained with Ignition, including First Round Draft pick Devin McCourty (CB, New England Patriots) among 9 other players who signed NFL contracts.

"We are honored to have Dustin Woods join our Performance Staff at Ignition. Dustin brings instant credibility as a Team Captain and four year starter on the Miami University Football Team. In addition, Dustin has strong Christian core values that the makeup the Total Athlete approach to training the body, mind and spirit at Ignition,” stated Marshall.

Woods brings relevant experience and expertise to Ignition’s group of Combine prep specialists. Originally an NFL hopeful himself, Woods’ injuries kept him from pursuing a pro NFL® career despite the fact that his performance placed him in the top 3 of all wide receivers in 4 of the 6 tests administered at the 2010 NFL® Combine. Woods will be among distinguished talent as well – for three consecutive years, an Ignition combine trainee has ranked Top Performer in the NFL Combine.

A natural leader on and off the field, Woods’ MU teammates voted him team Captain despite his early injury that kept him sidelined much of his senior year.

"It was really interesting to me that a young man (Woods) who hasn't practiced since the first week because of an injury gets the second-most votes on the team," said Miami University Head Coach Michael Haywood. "It shows a lot about his character and his leadership,” said Haywood.

In addition to his utilizing his expertise in speed training, Woods will be responsible for instilling the Ignition philosophy and character development that makes Ignition unique. Woods’ experience, dedication and strong Christian character are a perfect complement to the Ignition Athletic Performance Group.

“When all else seemed to go a different direction than what my family and I hoped and planned, God put this opportunity in front of me at the right time. You can have all the technology, equipment and sponsors this industry can offer, but cannot put a price on the staff and personnel who come to work and coach you everyday,” said Woods.

Ignition is now fielding combine prep classes for both Cincinnati and Naples facilities. For more information contact Clif Marshall at 513.247.9501.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Rookies from Team Ignition make NFL Rosters

The following players from Ignition have made active rosters as Rookies. Each of these players prepared for the NFL Draft using the Ignition Performance Program. We want to congratulate each of these players on such a great accomplishment. We will be praying for a safe and productive Rookie campaign in the NFL.

Devin McCourty - Patriots
Dorin Dickerson - Texans
John Conner - Jets
Corey Peters - Falcons
Akwasi Owusu Ansah - Cowboys
Prince Miller - Ravens
Mardy Gilyard - Rams
Ricardo Matthews - Colts
Aaron Morgan - Jaguars

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Instant Replay -

Incredible article about Team Ignition athlete Quan Cosby. Everyone at Ignition is so proud of the way he's playing. Check out this article about his relationship with good friend and competitor Jordan Shipley from

When the Bengals drafted Texas wide receiver Jordan Shipley in the third round, special teams coach Darrin Simmons thought it was going to be “Groundhog Day” for Quan Cosby, his prized rookie punt returner that played with Shipley for four seasons in college.
Simmons thought Cosby had to be thinking, “I can’t get away from this guy,” but now that he has seen Cosby and Shipley remain close during the most intense of roster wars, he may as well be watching “Friends” without the angst in Friday night’s 8 p.m. preseason game against the Eagles at Paul Brown Stadium.
Bob Shipley, Jordan’s dad and coach in high school in Burnet, Texas, could have told Simmons that. He was there when his son and Cosby first met at the Texas state track meet back in ’01 and Cosby, out of Mart High, was wondering who in the heck “the skinny little white kid” was running the 100 meters against him.
“I can’t even remember who won,” Bob Shipley said. “They probably can’t either. It’s not important. But they developed a bond.”
It turned out they were born three years apart on the same day, Dec. 23, and that they would become two of the most prolific wide receivers in University of Texas history while playing opposite each other.
Nine years later and they are still running against each other in the most heated track meet there is, an NFL preseason. But they are ripping off long runs like they are still Texas schoolboys. Cosby answered Shipley’s 63-yard return in the opener against the Cowboys with a 43-yarder last Sunday against Denver that Simmons says defines his passion and intensity.
“He broke seven tackles; the eighth guy got him,” said Simmons, shaking his head after Wednesday’s practice. “Seven guys had an opportunity.”
Simmons has watched Cosby and Shipley greet each other after each one. Even though it looks like they are competing for the same roster spot. Cosby also had a 17-yarder Sunday. Shipley threw back a 21-yarder like a heavyweight flurry. Both play the slot receiver. Both return punts. Can both make it?
“That’s not really a fair question,” Cosby said. “It’s not my decision. I think we’re both doing well. He’s making plays. I think I’m making plays. If we’re doing well, then the Cincinnati Bengals must be doing well and that’s what counts.”
It just sounds too old-fashioned in this tabloid age. Where are the birth certificates? But it doesn’t surprise Bob Shipley one bit. He saw the attitude every Saturday at Texas and thinks Longhorns head coach Mack Brown has a lot to do with it.
“Jordan would always be the first one to congratulate Quan after he scored and Quan would do the same for Jordan,” Bob Shipley said. “They just bonded. Quan is an awesome guy. Very unselfish. They both are. Mack Brown does a great job fostering a family-type atmosphere. That’s the kind of kids he recruits. You (media) guys probably don’t like having Jordan around. He doesn’t have much to say.”
Which may be one of the many reasons they get along so well. Not only do they have the same birthday (Cosby was born in 1982, Shipley in 1985), they’ve got the same personality. They hand out quotes like fumbles and they are two of the most sure-handed guys around.
“They’re both quiet. They don’t say much at all,” said Sharon Shipley, Jordan’s mother. “They just go out there and do their job. They’re not flashy.”
Sharon became close to Cosby and his wife after a lot of barbecues and tailgates and Saturdays sitting in the same row. Mothers don’t put together rosters. One of the first things she thought about when she heard her son was going to Cincinnati was that Quan could look in on him.
“That was reassuring,” Sharon said. “Quan has a lot of responsibilities with three children and he’s not going to be out and about like the single guys, but I knew they would probably have him over for dinner once in awhile.”
There was plenty of bread broken in Georgetown, Ky., during training camp, where they were roommates.
“If we had a break, we’d go out to eat,” Cosby said. “That’s what best friends do. Since I’m two years out and he’s one year out, we talked a lot about our college experiences. It’s fun. We got close in college. We’d have cookouts and our families spent a lot of time with each other.
“It’s a blessing to know such a good family and to be friends.”
Shipley, 24, looks at Cosby, 27, as sort of a mentor as well as “one of my best friends. Quan is just incredible returning punts. He’s fun to watch.”
Indeed, Bob Shipley says that Jordan called home after the Denver game raving about Cosby’s punt return. He was shaking his head when he saw cornerback Adam Jones check in with a 28-yarder that very night.
“Jordan had a 21-yarder and that was the worst one,” he said. “No one is pulling for Quan more than Jordan. And they don’t view it as a competition. I think they just see it as two friends doing the best they can for the team. That was the attitude at Texas. Jordan and I talked a lot about that, how there could be a lot of egos but guys still did what was best for the team.”
Simmons, quite naturally, would like to keep them both. He can’t get enough of Cosby’s computer-like decisions catching (or not catching punts) as well as his fearless play. He called Cosby’s blocks 70 yards apart on Bernard Scott’s kick return TD against the Steelers last season “the single biggest effort play” he’d seen in 13 years of NFL coaching.
“They’re both very, very trustworthy with the ball,” Simmons said. “Both catch the ball extremely well. Neither are the fastest guys. Quan, every opportunity he gets, continues to amaze me with the effort he plays with.
“Quan is a strong runner. He can break a lot of tackles. Jordan can elude people. I think that’s one of his strengths. And he has a natural feel for running the ball in the open field. We just have to continue to work on him making all the decisions. Whether it be plus 50s or minus 50s, what about the fair catch, going through all those different things. Both have been well coached coming out of college. Both are really confident and really, really good guys.”
The money says that Shipley has made the team while Cosby is grinding. At 5-9, 190 pounds, Cosby’s knock is that he’s too small and too slow to play receiver. But offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski says not so fast. He looks at the three passes for 47 yards Cosby caught against the Chargers last year, including the huge 23-yarder that set up the tying field goal in the dying minutes. Simmons looks at Cosby’s 11.9-yard return average as a rookie, the Bengals’ best in 25 years.
But if Shipley is the best punt returner, Simmons wants to roll him out there even if he’s playing a lot of snaps at receiver.
“We’re getting ready to play a team where the punt returner is a starting wide receiver,” Simmons said of the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson. “The best guys play.”
Cosby agrees with the assessment that any of the top three Bengals returners can probably play in the league.
“Right now,” he said, “everybody is putting it on film so everybody can see it. More important, no matter who they are, there are 10 other guys working really hard so that we can get it done.”
Two of his biggest fans are related to the guy next to him. Cosby says it’s not hard being in such close competition with a friend.
“It’s not tough at all,” Cosby said. “It’s a business.”
What a business, huh?
“We’re just hoping,” Sharon Shipley said, “they both make it and we can see each other at the games again.”

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Wordless Wednesday - Bryan Baird Combine Testing

2010 Ignition NFL Training Program

In the last four years, each of these players listed below trained at Ignition for either the NFL Combine/ Pro Day Program or NFL Off Season Training. This list represents Team Ignition made up of 45 NFL Players and 24 different NFL Teams.

Matt Mayberry- Chicago Bears
Eric Cook- Washington Redskins
Vincent Rey- Cincinnati Bengals
Alfonso Smith – Arizona Cardinals
Aaron Morgan – Jacksonville Jaguars
Justin Jeffries – San Diego Chargers
Dennis Rogan- Tampa Bay Bucs
Prince Miller- Baltimore Ravens
Ricardo Matthews – Indianapolis Colts
Mardy Gilyard – St Louis Rams
Alex Daniels – Oakland Raiders
Corey Peters – Atlanta Falcons
Mike Johnson – Kansas City Chiefs
Devin McCourty – New England Patriots
Akwasi Owusu Ansah – Dallas Cowboys
John Conner – New York Jets
Dorin Dickerson – Houston Texans
Renardo Foster – St Louis Rams
John Bowie- Cleveland Browns
Stanford Keglar- Tennessee Titans
Haruki Nakamura- Baltimore Ravens
Brian Brohm- Buffalo Bills
Eric Wood – Buffalo Bills
Trevor Canfield – Arizona Cardinals
Ramon Foster – Pittsburgh Steelers
Adrian Grady – New England Patriots
Johnny Williams – Pittsburgh Steelers
E’Ron Riley – Baltimore Ravens
Anthony Heygood – Seattle Seahawks
Mike Mitchell - Oakland Raiders
Connor Barwin – Houston Texans
Roy Williams – Cincinnati Bengals
Jonathon Fanane- Cincinnati Bengals
Cory Lynch – Tampa Bay Bucs
Shayne Graham – Baltimore Ravens
Michael Johnson- Cincinnati Bengals
Robert Geathers – Cincinnati Bengals
Clifton Geathers- Cleveland Browns
Andre Frazier- Pittsburgh Steelers
Tyjuan Hagler – Seattle Seahawks
Madieu Williams – Minnesota Vikings
Chris Redman- Atlanta Falcons
Kelley Washington – Philadelphia Eagles
Landon Johnson – Detroit Lions
Antoine Harris – Atlanta Falcons
Quan Cosby - Cincinnati Bengals

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Texans DE Barwin builds on successful rookie season - Houston Chronicle

Great article featuring Ignition athlete Connor Barwin. Proud to call him part of Team Ignition. Good luck this season Connor!

Texans DE Barwin builds on successful rookie season

With Mario Williams nursing an injured hip, Connor Barwin has been making the most of his time with the Texans' first-team defense

By JOHN MCCLAIN Copyright 2010 Houston Chronicle

Aug. 3, 2010, 11:21PM

In an informal survey of Texans players and coaches, second-year defensive end Connor Barwin could be the most improved player on the defense this season.
Barwin (6-4, 256 pounds), a second-round pick last year, was playing defense for only the second season. He switched to defense from the tight end position as a senior at Cincinnati.
Coming off the bench and playing left end most of the time, Barwin recorded 4½ sacks — more than any rookie defensive lineman playing in a 4-3 scheme. He tied end Antonio Smith for the second-most sacks on the team behind Mario Williams (nine).
"Connor's a totally different player than he was when he came here," coach Gary Kubiak said. "He's stronger and he's more confident. He's found his niche. He's got to continue to improve, though."
Those who watch Barwin every day in practice marvel at his work ethic. Bill Kollar, the assistant head coach/defensive line, got on and stayed on Barwin because he recognized the rookie's potential.
"I'm excited because, obviously, you like hearing things like that," Barwin said about possibly being the most improved player on defense. "At the same time, though, the only way you can do that is to continue to work, and that's my philosophy.
"Training camp is a huge month for me, especially because I'm getting more reps with Mario out."
Williams has been sidelined with inflammation in his hip.
"It's a huge opportunity for me," Barwin said about working with the starters. "There's improvement to be made, and I want to make it."

Honing his skills

Barwin is no different than most second-year players in that they report to camp so much more comfortable and confident than they did their rookie seasons.
"It's like 360 degrees," he said about the difference. "Just knowing the system, having Bill on me every single play, watching every single step I take, makes it easier for me.
"I thought I improved as the season went on last season. Now I'm learning more about the finer points of the game, learning more about what plays they're (offense) going to run and certain formations. Last year, I was just trying to learn the plays."
Barwin came close to tallying more sacks last season, and he hopes experience and knowledge keep him from being one step away this time around.
"I wouldn't say I felt good to be so close because you never feel good unless you get the sack," Barwin said. "I guess if you look back at the pressures, pressures are just as good as sacks. That's what flusters quarterbacks because those hits take a toll."
As a rookie, Barwin came off the bench to play left end most of the time. Williams moved to the right side. Sometimes Barwin was moved around. He might be more effective on the right side, so he could rush in space, but he'd usually be facing the opposing team's best offensive lineman.

Attacking from every angle

Kollar might move Barwin around as he progresses this season, including standing him up and rushing him at times. Barwin is intelligent enough to handle whatever the coaches throw at him, and he's eager to take advantage of every opportunity.
"I want to (move around)," he said. "That will help us disguise our rushes. Then, hopefully, I won't be a step short (of the quarterback) like I was last season."
Brett Coomer Chronicle

Monday, August 2, 2010

Team Ignition heads to Training Camp

Football season is finally here! But that means our time here at Ignition with our NFL athletes has come to an end for now. The NFL players that have spent their off-season/pre-season with us here at Ignition are off to Training Camps all over the country.

Connor Barwin
Houston Texans

Ricardo Matthews
Indianapolis Colts

Roy Williams
Cincinnati Bengals

Mardy Gilyard
St. Louis Rams


 Nate Livings
Cincinnati Bengals


John Conner
New York Jets

Corey Peters
Atlanta Falcons


Andre Frazier
Pittsburgh Steelers

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
Dallas Cowboys

Quan Cosby
Cincinnati Bengals

Ramon Foster
Pittsburgh Steelers

We'll continue to post updates about specific athletes throughout training camps and the season. Everyone at Ignition wishes all of you the best of luck at Training Camp!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bengals' Cosby wants to be more than a return man - Dayton Daily News

Cincinnati Bengals' Quan Cosby has aspirations to be not only a returner but also a slot receiver for his team this year, and he turned to Ignition for the help he needed. Cosby talked with Coach Clif Marshall about spending his four weeks off working on his speed and quickness. He's been in at Ignition as much as possible lately, getting in sand, boxing, linear and agility workouts. Everyone at Ignition is proud of the progress he's made and wishes him the best of luck this season. Check out the article about Cosby and Ignition in the Dayton Daily News at the link below!

Xavier's Kenny Frease refocused - Cincinnati Enquirer

Ignition has been seeing a lot of Xavier's 7-foot center lately as he has trusted our trainers to help get him in shape. Frease had to sit on the bench last season during the Muskies' loss to Kansas State because in his words, "I honestly felt too slow for that game... it was the best thing for the team for me to not be playing." Frease didn't want there to even be a chance of that happening again, so with the help of Ignition he has dropped 22 pounds, increased his vertical jump by 4 inches, shed .2 seconds from his 40-yd dash time and .5 seconds from his 20-yd shuttle. A feature story on Frease was published last week at and printed in the Cincinnati Enquirer this morning. Check out the link below to read more about Kenny Frease's story!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spotlight on some athletes from EuroBasket in Vegas

As mentioned earlier, players who registered for training (all of them) were entered into a raffle to win one of two training baskets. And, players who purchased player profiles were entered into a raffle to win an iPad. And the winners are...

Kyle Plath was the winner of one of the training baskets. Kyle is a 6'4 guard that played college basketball at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Jon Holmes is not pictured, but was the winner of the second basket. Holmes played a Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL.

Aaron Davis was our winner of the iPad. He played collegiately for Faulkner College and University of Florida. Davis signed with the Miami Heat in 2001 but was released early, and went on to play in Poland. Davis played with the Sacramento Kings summer league team, and then played in the United States Basketball League. He has also played with Phoenix Suns in a summer league, in the Japan Basketball league and is high school friends with Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets starring in two of his Adidas commercials.

Justin Taylor was one of the most impressive athletes tested and his results spoke volumes about the impact Ignition has on athletes. He worked our Tayshaun Prince camp with ProCamps and took in everything he could when watching our trainers coach the kids. He took what he learned in Lexington and applied it to his own training for Vegas. As a result, his numbers blew away others from that day. Coach Clif Marshall pointed out Taylor's experience with Ignition and immediately the other guys in his group were asking for coaching and tips to improve their verticals, lane agility and 3/4 court sprints. Taylor played in college at Tennessee Tech. He showed he is clearly a good listener and learner, and it was great to see an athlete working so hard to improve.

Another athlete we met with an interesting story was Kent Tuttle. His vertical may have been the best of the day, and we quickly found out why. Kent didn't spend his college days on the basketball court, but instead playing volleyball for BYU... so that explains his jumping ability. He grew up playing basketball but had only been focusing and dedicating himself to it for the past couple of months. He's been playing in different camps across the country as he tries to make the switch from college volleyball to professional basketball. And from what we saw in his testing with Ignition, he's off to a great start.

Dwayne Wade Camp in Miami

The third camp of Ignition's ProFormance Tour this summer was with Dwayne Wade in Miami. It was a busy time for Wade as camp was during the free agent period, ending with him announcing his return to the Miami Heat on ESPN with his camp going on in the background.
Ignition had a great time testing these kids in a mock-NBA Combine which included a 3/4 court sprint, lane agility, push-ups, and verticals.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ignition testing at EuroBasket Summer League

On the official Day 1 of the EuroBasket Summer League, the players were put through NBA Combine testing led by the Ignition trainers at the Doolittle Community Center.

We measured their wingspans

their vertical and one-step vertical,

3/4 court sprints and lane agility,

and bench press.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Opening Ceremony at Las Vegas EuroBasket Summer League

The first night in Las Vegas, Ignition held an Opening Ceremony at the Aliante Hotel to welcome all of the international basketball scouts, sports agents, global basketball expo participants, international coaches and professionals and NBA scouts to the 2010 EuroBasket Summer League.

The Opening Ceremony was a great start to the weekend, with over 100 people in attendance. Everyone got to meet and talk with all of us from Ignition, and learn about our training program. The athletes registered for the testing that would take place the next day, with some of them also signing up for player profiles provided by Ignition and RightFit. The profiles will be featured on our website and will include statistics from testing, pictures, game film from this weekend's Summer League games, film from the Ignition testing, other statistics and background information about the athlete. The player profiles will be made available to coaches, scouts and leagues all over the world, who can then reach out to the player if they are interested in what they see.


Players who registered were entered into a raffle to win one of two Ignition training baskets.  Players who signed up for player profiles will not only be showcased to coaches, scouts and leagues all over the world, but were also entered into a raffle to win an iPad.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ignition heads to Las Vegas

Ignition APG Official Performance Partner for EuroBasket Summer League - Jul 2, 2010 (by Darryl Reshaw)
Ignition APG Official Performance Partner for EuroBasket Summer League
Las Vegas, Nevada 2010 Tournament

CINCINNATI; June 17, 2010 Ignition Athletic Performance Group has been named the official performance partner of the EuroBasket Summer Leagues Las Vegas tournament. Because of Ignitions training and athlete exposure experience, the EuroBasket Summer League has announced that Ignition will provide athlete testing and compile performance statistics used to produce player profiles for prospective scouts and leagues.

The EuroBasket Summer League is the number one international athlete exposure event in the basketball market. All attending players have professional experience in addition to remarkably successful college careers. This event has allowed for over three hundred players to compete in professional leagues all over the world in the past two years. The event is attended by international basketball scouts, sports agents, global basketball expo participants, international coaches and professionals and NBA scouts.

Ignition APG is excited to have the opportunity to work with an organization such as the EuroBasket Summer League said Ignition APGs Performance Director Clif Marshall. We look forward to sharing our training and testing program with the players and coaches.

Ignition APG intends to test all participants on key basketball measurables and compile statistics during the event held July 9-11th.

About Ignition
Ignition APG is the leader in performance training with locations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Naples, Florida that specializes in taking elite athletes to their performance potential. Ignitions philosophy is to coach the athlete through the combination of training mind, body and spirit. Ignition has experience through professional combine drills and proficient techniques which yield optimal results in speed, strength and agility.

Clif Marshall, Performance Director
Ignition APG

Kevin Durant Camp in Oklahoma City

Immediately following the Tayshaun Prince camp in Lexington, Ignition headed out to Oklahoma City for camp with Kevin Durant. Athletes were given the chance to compete in NBA combine training.

Campers got to hear from the Thunder's forward after being tested in a 3/4 court sprint, lane agility, vertical and one-step vertical. Next up for Ignition is the Dwayne Wade camp in Miami.