Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bengals' Cosby wants to be more than a return man - Dayton Daily News

Cincinnati Bengals' Quan Cosby has aspirations to be not only a returner but also a slot receiver for his team this year, and he turned to Ignition for the help he needed. Cosby talked with Coach Clif Marshall about spending his four weeks off working on his speed and quickness. He's been in at Ignition as much as possible lately, getting in sand, boxing, linear and agility workouts. Everyone at Ignition is proud of the progress he's made and wishes him the best of luck this season. Check out the article about Cosby and Ignition in the Dayton Daily News at the link below!


Xavier's Kenny Frease refocused - Cincinnati Enquirer

Ignition has been seeing a lot of Xavier's 7-foot center lately as he has trusted our trainers to help get him in shape. Frease had to sit on the bench last season during the Muskies' loss to Kansas State because in his words, "I honestly felt too slow for that game... it was the best thing for the team for me to not be playing." Frease didn't want there to even be a chance of that happening again, so with the help of Ignition he has dropped 22 pounds, increased his vertical jump by 4 inches, shed .2 seconds from his 40-yd dash time and .5 seconds from his 20-yd shuttle. A feature story on Frease was published last week at cincinnati.com and printed in the Cincinnati Enquirer this morning. Check out the link below to read more about Kenny Frease's story!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Spotlight on some athletes from EuroBasket in Vegas

As mentioned earlier, players who registered for training (all of them) were entered into a raffle to win one of two training baskets. And, players who purchased player profiles were entered into a raffle to win an iPad. And the winners are...

Kyle Plath was the winner of one of the training baskets. Kyle is a 6'4 guard that played college basketball at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Jon Holmes is not pictured, but was the winner of the second basket. Holmes played a Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL.

Aaron Davis was our winner of the iPad. He played collegiately for Faulkner College and University of Florida. Davis signed with the Miami Heat in 2001 but was released early, and went on to play in Poland. Davis played with the Sacramento Kings summer league team, and then played in the United States Basketball League. He has also played with Phoenix Suns in a summer league, in the Japan Basketball league and is high school friends with Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets starring in two of his Adidas commercials.

Justin Taylor was one of the most impressive athletes tested and his results spoke volumes about the impact Ignition has on athletes. He worked our Tayshaun Prince camp with ProCamps and took in everything he could when watching our trainers coach the kids. He took what he learned in Lexington and applied it to his own training for Vegas. As a result, his numbers blew away others from that day. Coach Clif Marshall pointed out Taylor's experience with Ignition and immediately the other guys in his group were asking for coaching and tips to improve their verticals, lane agility and 3/4 court sprints. Taylor played in college at Tennessee Tech. He showed he is clearly a good listener and learner, and it was great to see an athlete working so hard to improve.

Another athlete we met with an interesting story was Kent Tuttle. His vertical may have been the best of the day, and we quickly found out why. Kent didn't spend his college days on the basketball court, but instead playing volleyball for BYU... so that explains his jumping ability. He grew up playing basketball but had only been focusing and dedicating himself to it for the past couple of months. He's been playing in different camps across the country as he tries to make the switch from college volleyball to professional basketball. And from what we saw in his testing with Ignition, he's off to a great start.

Dwayne Wade Camp in Miami

The third camp of Ignition's ProFormance Tour this summer was with Dwayne Wade in Miami. It was a busy time for Wade as camp was during the free agent period, ending with him announcing his return to the Miami Heat on ESPN with his camp going on in the background.
Ignition had a great time testing these kids in a mock-NBA Combine which included a 3/4 court sprint, lane agility, push-ups, and verticals.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ignition testing at EuroBasket Summer League

On the official Day 1 of the EuroBasket Summer League, the players were put through NBA Combine testing led by the Ignition trainers at the Doolittle Community Center.

We measured their wingspans

their vertical and one-step vertical,

3/4 court sprints and lane agility,

and bench press.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Opening Ceremony at Las Vegas EuroBasket Summer League

The first night in Las Vegas, Ignition held an Opening Ceremony at the Aliante Hotel to welcome all of the international basketball scouts, sports agents, global basketball expo participants, international coaches and professionals and NBA scouts to the 2010 EuroBasket Summer League.

The Opening Ceremony was a great start to the weekend, with over 100 people in attendance. Everyone got to meet and talk with all of us from Ignition, and learn about our training program. The athletes registered for the testing that would take place the next day, with some of them also signing up for player profiles provided by Ignition and RightFit. The profiles will be featured on our website and will include statistics from testing, pictures, game film from this weekend's Summer League games, film from the Ignition testing, other statistics and background information about the athlete. The player profiles will be made available to coaches, scouts and leagues all over the world, who can then reach out to the player if they are interested in what they see.


Players who registered were entered into a raffle to win one of two Ignition training baskets.  Players who signed up for player profiles will not only be showcased to coaches, scouts and leagues all over the world, but were also entered into a raffle to win an iPad.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ignition heads to Las Vegas

Ignition APG Official Performance Partner for EuroBasket Summer League - Jul 2, 2010 (by Darryl Reshaw)
Ignition APG Official Performance Partner for EuroBasket Summer League
Las Vegas, Nevada 2010 Tournament

CINCINNATI; June 17, 2010 Ignition Athletic Performance Group has been named the official performance partner of the EuroBasket Summer Leagues Las Vegas tournament. Because of Ignitions training and athlete exposure experience, the EuroBasket Summer League has announced that Ignition will provide athlete testing and compile performance statistics used to produce player profiles for prospective scouts and leagues.

The EuroBasket Summer League is the number one international athlete exposure event in the basketball market. All attending players have professional experience in addition to remarkably successful college careers. This event has allowed for over three hundred players to compete in professional leagues all over the world in the past two years. The event is attended by international basketball scouts, sports agents, global basketball expo participants, international coaches and professionals and NBA scouts.

Ignition APG is excited to have the opportunity to work with an organization such as the EuroBasket Summer League said Ignition APGs Performance Director Clif Marshall. We look forward to sharing our training and testing program with the players and coaches.

Ignition APG intends to test all participants on key basketball measurables and compile statistics during the event held July 9-11th.

About Ignition
Ignition APG is the leader in performance training with locations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Naples, Florida that specializes in taking elite athletes to their performance potential. Ignitions philosophy is to coach the athlete through the combination of training mind, body and spirit. Ignition has experience through professional combine drills and proficient techniques which yield optimal results in speed, strength and agility.

Clif Marshall, Performance Director
Ignition APG
website: www.ignitionapg.com

Kevin Durant Camp in Oklahoma City

Immediately following the Tayshaun Prince camp in Lexington, Ignition headed out to Oklahoma City for camp with Kevin Durant. Athletes were given the chance to compete in NBA combine training.

Campers got to hear from the Thunder's forward after being tested in a 3/4 court sprint, lane agility, vertical and one-step vertical. Next up for Ignition is the Dwayne Wade camp in Miami.

Tayshaun Prince Camp in Lexington, KY

Ignition trainers traveled down to the Kentucky Basketball Academy in Lexington, KY for the Tayshaun Prince ProCamp. We put kids of all ages through an NBA Combine, during which they got to find out their times for the 3/4 court sprint, and lane agility, as well as the height of their vertical and one-step vert. The 6'9 Detroit Pistons forward hosting the camp was there all day with the kids, and spoke with them at the end.

It was Camp #1 of Ignition's 10 camps on our ProFormance tour this summer. Next up is Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City.