Thursday, October 14, 2010

IGNITION Launches Hand Combat Training

Ignition's HAND COMBAT program led by Performance Specialist Ben Creamer is designed to teach you how to strike with speed, power and accuracy, how to evade opponent’s strikes, how to re-direct energy and force, and how to successfully manipulate your opponent should they manage to get their hands on you. It includes the basic principles of several different martial arts including boxing, kickboxing, wing chun kung fu, judo, and ju-jitsu. Many aspects of the program will teach athletes how to overcome an opponent on the field without fighting strength against strength through joint manipulation, reflex training, and redirection of force. Ignition’s HAND COMBAT program will also teach how to safely “fall” and “roll” in a game time or practice situation in order to avoid heavy impact to the spine. The rigorous workouts directly relate to the playing field and will enhance hand-eye coordination, work capacity, agility, and reflex. Aspects of the hand combat program have been featured in a number of different media publication and networks including STACK TV, Houston Chronicle and the NFL Network.

Click here to view Connor Barwin in Hand Combat Training:

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