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IGNITION NFL standout, Corey Peters, uses the platform that GOD has blessed him with!

Corey Peters in action here earlier
this season against the Detroit Lions. AP

Atlanta Falcons,Corey Peters,named Falcons’ NFL man of the year.

Falcons defensive tackle Corey Peters was selected as the team’s nominee for the 2011Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award on Monday during a banquet at the Commerce Club.

“This award means a great deal to me,” said Peters. “There were plenty of my teammates that were so deserving of this award and for the Falcons to select me is very humbling.”

Peters has spent almost every week during the season participating and engaging in different community initiatives.

He’s worked with the Atlanta Fire Department, breast cancer survivors during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AirTran, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Since 1970, the NFL has awarded the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award to recognize a player’s off-the-field community service as well as his playing excellence. Each club is responsible for selecting their own nominee while the 2011 national Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year winner will be selected by a blue ribbon panel and recognized on field before kickoff of the Super Bowl.

The Atlanta Falcons Blog / December 6, 2011, by D. Orlando Ledbetter


Thanks be to GOD, for the expansion at Ignition APG in Cincinnati that is currently under progress. With this expansion comes new locker rooms, showers, hot & cold tubs, massage, chiro & physical therapy area, meeting rooms, players lounge, and a nutritional lab. Your one stop shop for improving athletic performance. Stop by and see us today or continue to follow the expansion progress on IGNITION APG facebook or blogger.



PHYSICAL THERAPY AREA (PT will be on site full time)


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MLB Standout begins workouts at Ignition

Coming off a strong rookie season in the MLB, Josh Harrison is back at Ignition getting ready for his 2012 season. Stronger, Faster, Better #PIRATES #UCBEARCATS

Team Ignition athlete, former Cincinnati Bearcat and Houston Texan Connor Barwin named AFC Defensive Player of the Month

Houston Texans OLB Connor Barwin Named AFC Defensive Player Of The Month

Interns begin work at Ignition

Ted Borgerding with coaching interns from China, who are learning about the Ignition Training System. Praise God for enlarging our territory. #TeamIgnitionChina

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weight Room Safety; Never Sacrifice Form for Heavy Weight

Never sacrificing form for heavy weight is like saying “quality over quantity.”  As a society, we tend to recognize our success with numbers.  This is also true in the weight room.  Big numbers mean that you must be a good lifter. However, big numbers in the weight room only measure one thing.  In an unsupervised training session, there usually isn’t as much attention to how well you complete the lift.  For a lot of people, deadlifting 400 lbs looks great on a strength card or piece of paper, but what if the form of the deadlift consisted of a rounded back and the knees locked before the shoulders came up?   Then this person most likely shouldn’t be deadlifting 400 lbs.  Making sure that the quality of the movement is mastered before actually training the movement can be the difference between performance enhancement and injury. Jumping weight too quickly and letting form break down will do way more damage than good.

It starts with the assessment of the athlete and how they move before the onset of activity.  We use the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) with some of our athletes to get to know what their movement patterns are like right off the bat.  You can get to know a lot about your athlete by just learning how they move.  There are even things to learn about an athlete’s warm up and their quality of movement and/or stability. Assessing athletes at the beginning of their first session will not only give you valuable information about their developmental level and movement patterns, but it also gives you a chance to get to know your athlete. After assessing that the athlete has the mobility and stability to perform the exercise, it comes down to discipline and accountability that the athlete is maintaining proper form and technique. For example, we stay with relatively light weight for Olympic lifts so that the emphasis is not on the weight itself, but on the speed and quality of the movement.

Numerical goals are still very important to set in the weight room.  Along with feeling stronger, it is important and motivating for athletes to see their numbers going up.  However, there is a time and place for that.  Once the movement is learned and there are no limitations that increase the risk of injury - train it and set goals. Never sacrifice form for heavy weight.  Train hard, train smart.  

By: Ben Creamer CSCS, USAW

Saturday, October 8, 2011


1.Never sacrifice form for heavy weight.
2. Start at the hip and workout everyday in the weight room.
3. Train in the weight room to be fast on the field. (Ground based movements)
4. Train fast twitch muscle fibers using triple extension of the ankle, knee and hip. (Olympic movements)
5. Work opposite muscle groups equally. For every push (bench press) do a pull (pull-ups). For every set of a quad exercise (front squats), do a hamstring exercise (RDL)
6. Have a strategic plan that will allow athletes to get stronger and to add lean muscle mass. (A periodization that implements progressive overload)
7. Train movement patterns, not just muscles (push, pull, rotate, lunge, and squat)
8. Explain your theory, mission and philosophy to your athletes so they will “buy in” to the program.
9. Train muscles with the “Time Under Tension” theory. Try a 3 second negative (down) and a 1 second concentric (up) and work it through the full range of motion.
10. Train unilateral exercises (single arm, single leg movements)
11. Use a pre and post test evaluation for your athletes to show marked improvements in strength and power gains.
12. Set Performance Goals for each athlete and help them to reach those goals by breaking down barriers.
By: Clif Marshall MA, CSCS,


With his hearty laugh and engaging smile, Bobbie Williams looked like a man ready to make up for lost time on Wednesday.

The veteran right guard missed the first four games after violating the league's policy on performance enhancing substances, which ended up being an over-the-counter diuretic.

Williams, though, said there was one person to blame for the situation - himself. The positive test came before the lockout, but Williams did not know his appeal was denied until after the final preseason game.

"We're responsible for what goes in our body. The whole thing could have easily been avoided," Williams said. "You live and you learn and it cost me four games with my teammates. The good thing about it is I was given this opportunity to come back and make good."

He was also determined not to let it wreck his season.

Working out for the past four weeks with Clif Marshall at Ignition, Williams went through three-hour conditioning sessions five days a week. Williams is down to 329 pounds, the lightest he has been since entering the league in 2000 with Philadelphia.

Williams also followed a new nutrition plan that also helped him lose weight.

"The first thing I said when this happened was I was going to turn this from a negative into a positive and I have," Williams said.

Working out with Marshall and the crew at Ignition had an added advantage because Marshall had worked with the Bengals training staff as an assistant and considers strength and conditioning coach Chip Morton a mentor. He also worked with many of the current players, including Williams, during the lockout.

Said Williams: "It was a huge advantage because he had the contact I didn't have with Chip and coach (Marvin) Lewis getting feedback on what to ... address."

Marshall said that the first couple of weeks of the program with Williams focused on conditioning, but the last two weeks were more football specific drills, like sled work. Former Colts linebacker Tyjuan Hagler and former Bengals linebacker Rashad Jeanty also trained with Williams and helped out on pass protection sets.

"The biggest thing was reviving his mental and spiritual health, especially after the way the suspension happened. What I respect is that he used this as motivation," Marshall said.

With his reinstatement, Williams is on a one-week roster exemption. If he is to play on Sunday at Jacksonville, the Bengals will have to release a player later this week. Lewis said they would evaluate how Williams does in practice this week before making a decision.

Before the suspension, the Bengals were having success running it to the right side during the preseason with Williams and tackle Andre Smith.

During the first quarter of the regular season, the running plays were more to the left as they led the league in number of running plays behind left tackle with 33. Of the 105 running plays, only six have been up the middle, a league low.

Cedric Benson is tied for second in the league in carries and has two 100-yard games, but there has been a twinge of disappointment from him this week over the direction of the running game since the opener at Cleveland.

Said Benson on Wednesday: "It's kind of tough for any player who takes pride in what he does. Communication is always important, but at times we sometimes struggle with communicating. That being said, you never know what is around the corner."

While the opener against the Browns was in the ground-and-pound style that some expected (33 runs, 31 passes), the last three games have had more passes than runs.

A big part of that, though, has been an inability to convert on third down, and trailing most of the time.

But as left tackle Andrew Whitworth noted, there are going to be opportunities for everyone.

"Some games we may need to throw it more and some games we're going to need to pound it," he said.

Many are hoping that the second half against Buffalo, where the Bengals rallied from 14 points down for a 23-20 victory, is more of a template for future games.

In that half, they scored on four of five drives but were equally adept at both running and passing.

On the ground, they ran it 16 times and averaged 6.9 yards per carry.

Even though offensive coordinator Jay Gruden understands Benson's concerns, he also realizes that there is a tough balancing act.

Said Gruden of Benson: "When Bernard Scott comes in for him he feels like we don't love him anymore. When we pass a couple times on first down and we have to punt he gets a little upset. Most great competitors are like that.

"He just has to channel his emotions and understand we're all trying to do the best and win the game. Whether he gets the ball 10 or 50 times, I don't care as long as he wins the game."

Fullback Chris Pressley is also one who thinks that more consistency with the running game is ahead.

"We haven't put a full game together. It just comes with working together and playing as a team," he said.

Article Written By: Joe Reedy /

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Terminator II: Jets Fullback John Conner Looks to Build on His Rookie Season

Article posted by: Zac Clark /

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gym Rat Reunion


In Sunday's preseason game (7 p.m.-Cincinnati's Channel 12), the Bengals want to flex their muscles against the big bad Jets, the most physical of the physical offer the trenches' most interesting matchup.

Off what his coaches say is a solid debut at middle linebacker, the Bengals' Rey Maualuga hopes to literally take it to the second level. That's where he'll be pounding heads with one of his workout partners from this offseason, second-year Jets fullback John Conner, the Cincinnati prep product out of Lakota West High School the Jets hope keeps their running game one of the more bruising in the league.

"He brings it," Maualuga says. "We knew eventually we'd meet in some game along the way. There was no trash talking, or 'You better watch out.' We're just going to line up and work. He's going to try and block me and I'm going to try and get away from him and get the ball."

These two blue-collar guys won't put on a very glitzy show off Broadway Sunday night. It's going to be a lot like the no-nonsense workouts at Ignition Sports in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason, Ohio, which turned out to be a haven for about 30 NFL players locked out during the spring. But there were many days Ignition director Clif Marshall remembers Conner being the only guy in there with 13 and 14 other Bengals.

"They're two grinders. They bring the same approach. Hard working. Very humble," Marshall says. "It's going to be something to watch them meet in the hole on that first series."

The 5-11, 240-pound Conner often found himself paired with the 6-2, 263-pound Maualuga in their lifting sessions, and Conner had the best seat in the house for Maualuga's monster spring in which he strapped on about an extra eight pounds while setting personal bests in the bench press and dead lift.

"He's a real physical guy, great linebacker. We grew pretty close," Conner says. "It wasn't really that weird. We all got along up there. They're all great guys and we're all competitors. We competed and made everybody better."

Maualuga thinks the extra time in the weight room derived from the lockout yielded some benefits. His goal was to get a little bigger while not losing his lateral quickness.

"I never took into consideration how much work it took to actually get there," he says. "I figured this is my one chance to get better in certain areas and those are the areas I got better, so it sort of helped me."

Maualuga knows all about Conner's story. When no offers came out of high school, how he walked on at the University of Kentucky and earned a scholarship before the Jets took him in the fifth round.

"Cinderella story, but none of that came easy for him," Maualuga says. "Nothing is ever handed to you and he's living proof of it."

But even though Maualuga has taken two years to get to this point after his star-studded college career, he's not looking for any glass slippers. He's simply trying to build off last week's outing in which he got everyone lined with virtually no mental mistakes on a night the Bengals allowed just two yards per rush.

"Everyone doubts where we're at and where we're going so all we can control is what we can control and prove them wrong," Maualuga says. "I feel comfortable. Very comfortable. We're looking to play fundamentally sound football and go from there."

Conner drew close to his personal bests at Ignition, but he believes no matter the numbers, he got faster and stronger. Now he's on his own after being mentored that rookie season.

"Tony Richardson was a big help to me. I learned so much from him and now I'm just trying to get better," Conner says of the long-time NFL fullback.

Maualuga also lost his mentor, but he has been keeping in touch with Dhani Jones via the cell phone. And Jones does a dead-on imitation of Maualuga's unique chatter.

"Ooh-aay, I'm watching you on film so I can be in the right spot."

There's no question that Jones is the biggest fan of Maualuga and linebackers coach Jeff FitzGerald. While he works out waiting for a call from another team, Jones says he understands why the Bengals have turned to Maualuga.

"I hear Rey's huge. Two-sixty. That's big and fast. That's dangerous," Jones says. "Rey will do a great job. The MIKE (middle linebacker) is where he should be playing. He just has to stay focused on playing middle linebacker and being able to stay healthy and keep working in the classroom. ... Fitzy is one of the best ... when Rey is on, nobody can stop him."

Maualuga's workout partner is going to give it a shot.

"I know we'll be grinding out there," Conner says.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Team Ignition's Alex Albright quietly impresses at Cowboys camp

"*Quietly outside linebacker Alex Albright is impressing people. Albright, an undrafted free agent from Boston College, made two tackles for loss on Saturday. He seems to be in the right positions during run plays and it appears he's not committing mental mistakes on a regular basis." -
 "“I tell you what, you guys aren’t mentioning that No. 47, Alex Albright, but he was laying some wood out there.” - Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan

SB Nation Interview with Ignition athlete Sam Acho

Sam Acho Exclusive Training Camp Interview, Learning To Be A Pro From The Pros

 By Seth Pollack - Regional Sports Editor

Texas rookie linebacker Sam Acho is just a few days into his first NFL training camp. He's got a lot to learn but is excited and getting positive feedback so far.

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Aug 3, 2011 - Sam Acho, the Arizona Cardinals fourth round draft pick, has a lot to learn as a rookie linebacker. Just four days into his first NFL Training Camp, we caught up with Acho after practice on Tuesday in Flagstaff. He was still slightly out of breadth from having just finished running extra laps around the high altitude NAU Lumberjack indoor field with 12-year veteran Clark Haggans.

In any team or organization you look for continuity of message and implementation of concepts. One theme for this lockout-modified training camp from head coach Ken Whisenhunt has been the importance of his young players learning from the vets.

Without the normal offseason mini-camp and OTA routine, Whisenhunt has repeatedly said that he's leaning heavily on his experienced players to help the youngsters get up to speed with being a pro and learning the Cardinals way of doing business. It's great to hear the rookie Acho immediately talk about that happening from his perspective.

Question: Four days into your first training camp, what are your impressions so far?

Answer: "Man, I love it out here. I've got so many great teammates that are just kind of taking me in and showing me what it means to be a professional, what it means to be a Cardinal.

"As a linebacker, I look up to guys like Joey Porter and Clark Haggans, guys I can learn from and also the younger guys, a Will Davis, O'Brien Schofield. Those guys have kind of taken me under their wing and shown me the ropes. It's just a great team atmosphere here."

Q: Is it everything you thought it would be?

A. "I honestly didn't know what to expect but it's everything that I thought it would be and more."

Q. Besides the speed and size that rookies always talk about, what's stood out for you so far playing at this level?

A. "I would say the intensity. Everybody on our team practices full-speed. They give it everything they have every play. They never take a play off. That's part of the reason why we're going to be a great team this year is because everybody practices with full intensity, full effort, full focus to try and help the team win."

Q. It's early in camp but what kind of feedback have you gotten so far from the coaches?

A. "I'm definitely learning a lot and getting some positive feedback from coaches. Obviously, I have a long way to go. We all have a long way to go. I have a lot I need to work on as a player, as a linebacker and as an individual part of this team. So, I'm going to take it a day at a time, stride by stride and learn from the older guys."

Q. I heard a rumor you had already learned the entire playbook. Is that true?

A. "No, not the whole playbook. I'm learning that day by day. I got a chance to go over some of it with Adrian Wilson, who's a safety. I'm learning it everyday."

Veteran Adrian Wilson has this to say about Acho:

"I like Sam. Sam's, once again, we got a very good kid. He's very well-rounded and I was able to work with him throughout the whole offseason just getting his body prepared for training camp...Sam's a smart kid and he was able to pick up the playbook very fast."

Good luck to Sam.

Team Ignition's Nate Bussey and Johnny Patrick impress early at Saints camp

Ted Jackson/The Times-Picayune

The New Orleans Saints' two first-round draft picks were not in uniform during the first day of training-camp practice, but a late-round pick made an impression on the second-team defense and special teams Friday morning.

New Orleans Saints' Nate Bussey had a good first day at camp.

Former Illinois linebacker Nate Bussey, one of two seventh-round picks, took snaps on defense and was featured prominently in special teams' drills.
Voted the Special Teams Player of the Year for Illinois last season by his teammates, Bussey said he expects to earn his initial playing time through kickoff and punt coverage and blocking.
"Special teams is where I plan on making my first impact," said Bussey, who received honorable mention for the All-Big Ten team. "I'll be ready when my number is called for on defense, but I don't take special teams lightly. That's how I started in college, and I still played there my whole career, even when I was staring my last two years."
The addition of Bussey and teammate Martez Wilson (third-round pick) plus the recent re-signing of Danny Clark gives the Saints three Illini linebackers.
Bussey, listed at 6 feet 1, 220 pounds, said he likes the rookies he is joining and was adamant the group will bring enthusiasm to the sweltering training-camp practices.
"We're all excited to be here and ready to bring in a lot of athletic ability to the team," he said. "All the rookies are coming in with a level head and perform to our highest potential. We believe in the coaches and want to perform so they believe in us."
PATRICK PART OF DEEP SECONDARY: Another Saints defensive addition, rookie cornerback Johnny Patrick (third-round pick), was ahead of the curve on day one of training camp, according to assistant coach Tony Oden.
Patrick, a 5-11, 191-pounder from Louisville, attended the Drew Brees-organized workouts at Tulane in May and June, and Oden said that experience helped his schematic knowledge in early workouts.
"It's almost like we didn't have to do much," said Oden, who is replacing Dennis Allen -- who left to become the defensive coordinator with the Denver Broncos -- as secondary coach. "(Patrick) knew the verbiage, all the calls and the communication already based off what we did last year. He also knew the language, our personnel groups and our checks. It was definitely easier for him through practice because he knew how to line up already."
Oden said Patrick, who intercepted five passes as a senior, will provide a "great skill set" that includes the ability to play press coverage and even blitz.
According to Oden, safety Malcolm Jenkins and cornerback Tracy Porter have welcomed Patrick into the fold.
"There's a good group of older guys to take care of him in the secondary," Oden said. "Malcolm and Tracy make it a lot easier for a young guy. They're quick to point out any coaching thing I might have missed."
Patrick is also expected to play on special teams, and he played as a gunner on punt returns during morning drills.
Oden said that would be necessary experience for Patrick, with a stacked secondary likely to not allow much playing time in the defensive backfield.
"He needs to put that time in on special teams and earn the playing right," Oden said. "We actually view those as defensive snaps anyway, because he's tackling and getting field action."

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By Barry Jackson
Dolphins and Canes talk:

Fourth and sixth-round rookies come with no guarantees of playing time, but the Dolphins like what they’ve seen so far from Clyde Gates, enough that they have passed on several prominent veteran receivers. And though sixth-rounder Charles Clay is dealing with information overload (he’s learning three positions), coach Tony Sparano has a role in mind, believing his versatility can add an unpredictable element.

Sparano said Thursday getting enough snaps for both rookies, provided they earn it, “will be important” this season. The recent success of several mid-round rookie receivers has him “absolutely” believing Gates will be a factor.

Sparano compared Gates and fellow Abilene Christian alum Johnny Knox, a fifth-rounder who had 45 catches for 527 yards and five touchdowns as a Chicago Bears rookie.

“They’re kind of similar guys, though Gates didn’t play as much football,” Sparano said, because Gates quit football after his freshman year of high school in Vernon, Tx., to play basketball, including two years at a junior college. Bernard Scott, now with the Bengals, helped Gates get a tryout as a walk-on at Abilene when basketball fizzled as an option.

Gates said he and Knox “talk every night and what he did as a rookie gives me inspiration.” Gates also has a “good relationship” with his father, who was released in October after an 18-year prison term for murder.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock compares Gates with Mike Wallace, who caught 39 passes for 756 yards as a rookie for Pittsburgh. “My speed you can’t teach,” Gates said. “And my route running is pretty good.”

Yeremiah Bell and Sean Smith offered positive early reviews but said Gates has a lot to learn, especially recognizing coverages. “He’s not faster than Ted Ginn, but he’s close,” Smith said. Gates had the fastest 40-yard time at the NFL Combine among receivers (4.37) despite a groin injury. Gates has caught several long passes during the first week of practice, including a 50-yard touchdown pass from Chad Henne on Thursday night.

“This guy catches the football well, but it’s the top end speed,” Sparano said. “I see a different gear than what we had” before. “To have to account for his speed can help create some big plays [for others]. If he can be the returner we think, that will help us as well.”

Gates averaged 26.7 yards on college kickoffs but has never returned punts. He had 66 catches for 1182 yards last season (17.9).

Clay said he has been staying up until 2 a.m. to learn three positions: H-back, fullback (where he started at Tulsa) and tight end. He expects to be used mostly at H-back - “where I can end up out wide or in motion” - but is also comfortable at tight end, having played there a lot in 2010.

“I have soft hands, and my speed will help me a lot,” said Clay, who dropped an easy pass this week but is an accomplished receiver (189 catches, 13.5 yard average, 28 touchdowns at Tulsa). He averaged 5.1 yards per carry on 179 college rushing attempts, but his skills in the passing game most intrigue Miami.

“I can see him playing in a few different spots,” Sparano said. “I’m trying, with a player like that, to become a little less predictable.”

Read more:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bengals wideout Simpson out to prove he’s no fluke

By Carlos "Big C" Holmes | DAYTON DAILY NEWS | Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 05:14 PM

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson finished the 2010 season on a high note. This year, the fourth-year pro is preparing for a breakout season. Simpson looked to Clif Marshall, Performance Director at Ignition Performance Athletic Group in Mason, Ohio, during the NFL lockout not only to get stronger, but to perfect his craft.

“I’ve gone through some intense training trying to get my body right,” Simpson said by phone. “I think I’m where I need to be and feel like this is going to be a breakout year for me. I want to go out there during the season and show the world what Rome can do.”

Marshall, who is recognized by his peers as being one of the county’s top performance trainers for pro and college athletes, worked with a number of Bengal players during the lockout. However, Simpson may have made the most strives.

“I can’t wait to watch Jerome reap the fruit of his labor this season,” Marshall said. “It’s not just about the increase in strength, but more so the level of confidence he’s gained. Jerome has been the most consistent guy of all the veterans in practice. That’s not coming from me. That’s coming from his teammates.”

The Bengals open training camp on Thursday and will hold their first practice over the weekend at Georgetown College in Kentucky. Here is where preparation for the season will start to unfold. Simpson said he is looking to make a statement in camp and understands the importance of building off the success of last season.

Busting out

Because he was listed inactive for most of the season, injuries to other wideouts forced coaches to play Simpson the last three games. Against Cleveland, he had only two catches for 30 yards. But he bust loose in games against San Diego (6 catches for 124 yards and 2TDs) and Baltimore (12 catches for 123 yards and 1TD). Against the Ravens, Simpson tied Chad Ochocinco for the team’s single-game season high in receptions.

“I have been sitting back watching everyone else perform for three years,” SImpson said. “Now it’s my time to show what I can do. It felt great to go out there and make plays for my team in those games last year. It showed that I can play this game and reason why I’m here. The Bengals kept me around for a reason and time for them to see a return on their investment.”

Cincinnati has been ridiculed since selecting Simpson from Costa Carolina with the 46th overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft. Many draft experts and enthusiasts viewed the pick as a bust even before Simpson stepped on the playing field. But former Bengals receivers coach Mike Sheppard (now the quarterbacks coach for Jacksonville) saw something many did not. He was instrumental in the team drafting him.

“Coach Sheppard was one of my biggest believers,” Simpson said. “He came to my school to work me out and saw something in me. He got me to where I am today. I really appreciate that guy. He was the one who always kept me up when I was down. Shep never gave up on me. I’m going to miss him and thank him a lot for what he’s done for me.”

Welcomes West-Coast offense

The Bengals offense sputtered under offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski, who was fired after the season. Selfish play, lack of discipline and complete dysfunction on both sides of the ball contributed to a losing season. The acquisition of new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and his West Coast-style offense is expected to bring life to the running and passing game.

“I’ve kept my nose in the playbook during the lockout and it suits me perfectly,” Simpson said. “It has the routes that I love to run. Jay brings a lot to the offense and has an open mind as well as easy to talk to. I’m excited because this offense is wide open and will best utilize the players’ talent.

“This year we’re going to have a team. It’s not going about individuals but about the team working together and getting along. The last three games of the season there was so much excitement. Everybody wanted to play and compete.”

The Bengals head into training camp with a lot of uncertainties, especially at quarterback. Nine-year veteran Carson Palmer informed the organization in January he wanted to be traded, or he would retire. Owner Mike Brown has refused to back down on Palmer’s demand saying he needs to honor his contract. Still, Brown is prepared to move on without the two-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

It was once thought that the team would go only as far as Carson Palmer’s arm would take them. Head coach Marvin Lewis and Brown have not talked publicly about who will replace Palmer. But they will be looking to Palmer’s younger and inexperienced brother, Jordan, and second-round pick Andy Dalton who ran TCU’s high-octane offense.

‘He quit on us.’

Without the possibility of Carson Palmer at the helm, Simpson insists that the show must go on.

“I’m pretty sure Jordan or Andy is going to step up at quarterback,” he said. “I told Jordan that it was time to stop living in his brother’s shadow and make a name for himself. I’m going to back whatever quarterback that’s under center regardless.

“It shouldn’t be all about Carson, but about the team. There were a lot of people counting on him. I guess he’s got his reasons for what he wants to do. I don’t know what the inside scoop is on why he wants to leave but he’s letting us down.

“I love Carson to death. The only way I can describe it is he quit on us. I know he made his money, and we’re trying to make ours. It’s sad that he’s doing this and wants to quit on us. We need him. It’s a messed up situation, but we’re going to move on with or without him.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A total of 39 players visited Ignition for at least one workout during the NFL Off Season in 2011. A total of 11 NFL Teams were represented at Ignition throughout this time of training. A total of 22 Cincinnati Bengals Players and the entire Defense (which is not included in the list below) spent two weeks at Ignition in June for a mini camp.

The total revenue was $16,020.00 for training which 70% of that has been collected. Our 2011 NFL Draft Class who visited trained for free as part of an agreement with agents this season.

Media coverage was great for Ignition which included spots on,, Bengals,com, Cincinnati Enquirer, Dayton Daily News, Channel 9, Channel 12, Channel and Fox 19.

We give honor, praise and glory to God for such an awesome opportunity. As a staff, we did an incredible job hosting and training these athletes at our facility. Thanks for making it a great Off Season at Ignition.

Players Name | Team Name

Pat Simms | Bengals

Jermaine Gresham | Bengals

Rashad Jeanty | Eagles

Alex Albright | Cowboys

Mike Johnson | Bengals

Marvin White | Bengals

Cobrani Mixon | Lions

Brian Lainhart | Bengals

Geno Atkins | Bengals

Robert Geathers | Bengals

Rey Maualuga | Bengals

Damato Peko | Bengals

Akwasi Owusu - Ansah | Cowboys

Fui Vakapuna | Bengals

Bobbie Williams | Bengals

John Conner | Jets

Tyjuan Hagler | Colts

Otis Hudson | Bengals

Rico Murray | Bengals

Adam Jones | Bengals

Quan Cosby | Bengals

Corey Peters | Falcons

Tank Johnson | Bengals

Frostee Rucker | Bengals

Mike Mitchell | Raiders

Connor Barwin | Texans

Jeremy Jarmon | Redskins

Sam Acho | Cardinals

Brandon McKinney | Ravens

Vinny Rey | Bengals

Adam Froman | Falcons

Joe Horn | Colts

John Bowie | Browns

Jason Kelce | Eagles

James Develin | Bengals

Nate Livings | Bengals

Clint McDonald | Bengals

Stanford Keglar | Texans

Ben Guidugli | Rams

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Lockout Leaders Emerge in Off Season Training at Ignition

The Bengals return to their locker room Tuesday with a dramatically different DNA at the top of their roster. No franchise quarterback and no experienced middle linebacker, two positions that usually define leadership and reflect the change going on in the room. And depending on the fate of career receiving leader Chad Ochocinco, no dominant personality.

Reality TV's team is suddenly in Extreme Makeover and a core of young veterans haven't been shy about stepping into the leadership vacuum during the lockout. Maybe a jerry-rigged offseason without coaching is the best way to find leadership for a locker room that has grappled with the issue ever since Boomer Esiason left the first time.

On some teams, one guy seemed to have too much burden, such as Carson Palmer. But leadership by committee seems to be emerging from the 136 days out on their own.

The players showed their appreciation to left tackle Andrew Whitworth and defensive tackle Domata Peko when they gave them a bag of gifts at the end of last month's voluntary workouts, thank yous for organizing the effort that got between 40 to 50 players to town.

"It wasn't so much to get together because it was going to make us better as a team," Whitworth said Monday, an hour after he was one of the 32 team reps that voted to end the lockout and for a new collective bargaining agreement.

"But it was to show guys that this is it. This is what we've got. We're the guys. And it's time to get it going."

Whitworth broke in on that 2006 team that was supposed to make a second straight run to the playoffs, but didn't do it until 2009 with a virtually reconstituted roster. Now it looks like it's about to get a similar facelift when discussions in free agency start at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

"We've got a young core that's hungry," Whitworth said. "A lot of times it's not the team with the most talent that wins but the team that's the hungriest. We were hungry after that bad season (in 2008) and I think we've got a lot of young hungry guys now."

Whitworth jokes that he played the parts of three Bengals officials during the workouts: strength and conditioning coach Chip Morton, business manager Bill Connelly, and public relations manager Jack Brennan. Peko, running the defense with a script hanging from a clipboard, is too mild-mannered to compare himself to fiery defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. But he found time to show plenty of passion.

"I'll tell you, we're going to be walking around there with chips on our shoulders after what happened last year," Peko said Monday. "We were all pumped up going into last year. We were coming off winning the division; we got those weapons in the draft, (Jermaine) Gresham and (Jordan) Shipley. And we got (Terrell Owens) and we thought we were going to the Super Bowl. But we had a bad year and now we have to win and I think we've got guys that realize that.

"The expectations aren't as high, so it's different. I think guys are trying to make up for last year."

Whitworth and Peko sense they have company. On offense, Whitworth has watched two younger guys buried the last three years blossom this offseason in wide receiver Jerome Simpson and quarterback Jordan Palmer while Peko has been followed by third-year player Rey Maualuga, looking for a breakout year by breaking into his old college position at middle backer with Dhani Jones unsigned.

"Rey's been as vocal as I've ever heard him. He really wants to be the leader out there on defense," Peko said. "He was made to be a middle linebacker. He knows this is his chance. I feel really confident with him calling the plays and him being right behind me. There have been other guys on defense that have stepped up, too. Leon Hall, Robert Geathers. There are guys that have been around."

If anyone has his pulse on the new locker room, it's a guy that has been in a lot of old ones. Clif Marshall, director of Ignition Sports in suburban Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio, is a Morton disciple, a guy that cut his teeth as a full-time assistant in the Bengals weight room from 2005-2007. Since then he's volunteered without pay to help during various junctures in each of the last three seasons while he made a name for himself at Ignition with one of the top programs preparing prospects for the NFL scouting combine.

"It was mid-March and I was coming back from Florida after the combine training and Domata and Rey called looking to start right away," Marshall said. "It was Domata that got those guys up there and Rey was one of those guys always helping, reaching out to guys and being there all the time."

Marshall ended up with about 24 Bengals from mostly the defense and seven other NFL players during the lockout with three workouts per week before the two weeks of workouts in early June and four per week after that. Simpson ended up with nearly perfect attendance during an exhaustive offseason he did camps for kids at his high school and college in the Carolinas and made countless appearances in Cincinnati at various events.

"Jerome is a guy who's confidence has really grown on and off the field. I think those last three games last year (20 catches, three TDs) really helped him," Marshall said. "I noticed that during the workouts and then when the offense got together at (the University of Cincinnati). Jordan Palmer told me the same thing. He's just playing with more and more confidence."

Simpson says the lockout has helped him in the sense it's allowed him to concentrate on the little but necessary things.

"I wish I was in there learning the new offense," Simpson said. "But (the lockout) has let me work on getting more explosive, getting off the line quicker. I think I'm in the best shape I've been in here coming into a training camp. Yeah, I would say I'm more confident. I want to help my community. I'm thankful for the fans and want to reach out. I'm just excited to play football again."

For instance, Marshall is extremely excited how Simpson has toned down his penchant for going 100 miles per hour on all routes all the time and has his ample athleticism more under control.

Simpson had a front-row seat for the work Palmer did during those days at UC. Palmer installed maybe 100 plays on an overhead projector during those two weeks and got Simpson and players at each position involved in the discussions.

"It looked like anytime they brought it up into a huddle after practice, Jordan was one of the main guys talking," Marshall said. "He's showed a tremendous amount of leadership. And you take a guy like Whit and he's assumed the leadership role Willie Anderson had when I was there."

Marshall has seen some big things in the weight room. Unlike during OTAs the previous springs in camp, the major lifting period was extended to around nine weeks instead of five or six, so players have been able to follow through on some huge numbers.

Maualuga and defensive tackle Tank Johnson have been able to match personal bests in the bench press while Simpson set a personal record dead-lifting 500 pounds six times. Defensive tackle Geno Atkins has also been impressive with getting close to pushing around 500 pounds on the bench. All under the sign Marshall copied from Morton's room: "Iron Sharpens Iron."

"I knew they were going to get in shape; they're pros," Marshall said. "But I wanted them to try and get faster, stronger and more skilled at their positions. If this doesn't translate to the field, it doesn't matter."

Even with PBS open Tuesday, a bunch of guys are headed to Ignition to finish it off because they have yet to take their team physicals. Simpson has plans to closet himself with new Bengals receivers coach James Urban after he gets his workout in. Peko is also looking at checking in, as is Whitworth.

This time, Whitworth can be himself instead of couple of other guys.

"It will be nice to be back," he said of a locker room changed by a lockout.

(by Geoff Hobson of

Ignition Combine athletes sign with NFL teams

As the lockout came to an end, NFL teams had to move quickly to sign UDFAs. Ignition was blessed to see over 20 of our combine athletes sign with NFL teams yesterday. Most of the guys found out where they were going in the morning, and by the afternoon were on flights to their new cities.

NFL Draft Picks:

Johnny Patrick - Louisville - New Orleans Saints
Sam Acho - Texas - Arizona Cardinals
Edmond Gates - Abilene Christian - Miami Dolphins
Charles Clay - Tulsa - Miami Dolphins
Aldrick Robinson - Southern Methodist - Washington Redskins
Jason Kelce - Cincinnati - Philadelphia Eagles
Anthony Gaitor - Florida International - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Nate Bussey - Illinois - New Orleans Saints

UDFA signed yesterday:

Cobrani Mixon - Kent State - Detroit Lions
Brian Duncan - Texas Tech - Buffalo Bills
David Mims - Virginia Union - Kansas City Chiefs
Ben Lamaak - Iowa State - Oakland Raiders
Ramon Broadway - Arkansas - San Diego Chargers
Byron Bell - New Mexico - Carolina Panthers
Jabari Fletcher - App State - Cleveland Browns
Brian Lainhart - Kent State - Cincinnati Bengals
Greg Ellingson - FIU - Jacksonville Jaguars
Chris Matthews - Kentucky - Cleveland Browns
Joe Horn - Ashland - Indianapolis Colts
Armand Robinson - Miami - Pittsburgh Steelers
Ryan Jones - NW Missouri - Chicago Bears
Alex Albright - Boston College - Dallas Cowboys
Ben Guidugli - Cincinnati - St. Louis Rams
Adam Froman - Louisville - Atlanta Falcons
DJ Young - Michigan State - Arizona Cardinals
Kevin Rutland - Missouri - Jacksonville Jaguars
Lester Jean - Florida Atlantic - Houston Texans
Mark Dell - Michigan State - Denver Broncos

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ignition at Colt McCoy Pro Camp

Coach Clif with some campers

Ignition Performance Director Clif Marshall was in Cleveland Ohio to work the Colt McCoy Pro Camp. “There was a great turnout for the camp held at Strongsville High School and athletes enjoyed a 'Pro Workout' experience” said Marshall. The campers heard from Colt after the workout on topics such as: how to handles success, how to carry yourself on and off the field and how he transitioned from the college to the NFL.

Ignition has trained a couple of Colt’s Texas Longhorns Teammates including Sam Acho of the Cardinals and Quan Cosby of the Bengals. We are thankful for the opportunity through Pro Camps and Colt McCoy to serve the fine athletes of Northern Ohio.

Ignition’s next ProCamp stop will be in Lexington Kentucky for the John Calapari Camp and then on to Ontario, California for the Anthony Munoz Camp. Log on to for more info.

Jerome Simpson Mic'd Up Boxing Workout

Last week we mic'd up Jerome Simpson during a boxing workout with Coach Ben here at Ignition. Rome has been doing a great job getting in some extra work boxing with Ben outside of the other NFL workouts he is participating in here. Check out the video below:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Team Ignition NFL & Basketball athletes workout together

Team Ignition NFL athletes have been training on Tuesdays and Thursdays outside on a football field in Kentucky. This Tuesday, Team Ignition basketball athletes joined them for the workout. WVU's Da'Sean Butler, Joe Mazzulla and John Flowers got the chance to go through an NFL workout with members of the Bengals, Colts, and Raiders. 

The group included Rey Maualuga, Tyjuan Hagler, Fui Vakapuna, Frostee Rucker, Tank Johnson, Rico Murray, among others. Check out a video of the day's workout:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Making it to the League: Chris Paul

Last week, the guys got a chance to play open gym at Xavier University with some Xavier players, and Chris Paul. John Flowers, Da'Sean Butler, Paul Sturgess and Joe Mazzulla all played, while Joe got the chance to match up against Chris Paul.

Joe Mazzulla guarding Chris Paul

Joe really enjoyed the experience, "I took full advantage of gauging where I am in my career. Guarding him for about six or seven games, I was able to learn a lot from him as a point guard. Not only is he a great player, but he seemed like a great person as well. During games he was giving me pointers and advice on how to be a better point guard." 

Joe Mazzulla with Chris Paul

BJ Raymond with Chris Paul

Chris Paul

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making it to the League: Woodway Friday

We're 2 days away from Woodway Friday Week 3. The guys showed a lot of improvement from Week 1 to 2, check out how they did: 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Making it to the League: June 30

Paul Sturgess: 

"We are coming to the end of the second week working out at Ignition. I have really been enjoying my time here, the work outs have been pretty tough but I've enjoyed working hard and getting better each day. Coach Ted has been pushing us all hard, and I have enjoyed working out alongside Joe and John. Has been really good to get back on the court more too, playing in a game against a pro team, was great playing against good competition and also playing on the same team as players coming from bigtime schools! Getting ready to close out the week with our last workout, and the infamous 'Woodway Fridays'!!"

Joe Mazzulla:

"Tomorrow is our second chance at "Woodway Friday" and I'm sitting in my hotel getting mentally prepared for it. It beat me last time and I'm not letting it happen again. It has been a great week of workouts and I want to end it on a good note. This has been great because we have been in a rhythm of lifting in the mornings then going to workout on the court and eating lunch. Me, Paul, John and Coach Ted have been working really hard. Ignition has been great because it is a family environment and easy for us to grow and mature in many aspects."

John Flowers:
"Working out at ignition has been the end of the second week in Cincy I can feel my body getting back in shape. My body is hurting especially my legs. Coach Ted is really pushing us.  It has really been a lot of fun. It's fun watching big Paul (7'8) do work! Woodway Friday almost killed me my first week I hope I can do better 2marrow! Peace! God bless!" 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making it to the League: Joe Mazzulla mic'd up

We mic'd up Joe Mazzulla during Tuesdays workouts to give people the opportunity to see and hear the perspective of an athlete during his workout at Ignition. Check it out: 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ignition Teaches Performance at the Ndamukong Suh Pro Camp in Detroit

On June 29th Team Ignition was on hand at the Ndamukong Suh Pro Workout in Detroit. The camp was held at Walled Lake Western High School and over 100 kids showed up to experience an NFL Combine type atmosphere. Football players ranging in age from 15-23 years old were measured in the Broad Jump, L Cone Agility, Pro Agility and the 40 Yard Dash.
During the workout, athletes got expert instruction from former NFL Player Frank Murphy. In addition the football players learned the “Ignition 40yd dash stance” and also heard a message on the importance of character from Coach Murphy. Campers received an autographed team photo and also a T-shirt for participating in the event.
Ignition was honored to be a part of this successful event and would like to thank Ndamukong Suh, Pro Camps, US Army and Elite Athletic Events for the great opportunity to serve the kids in the Detroit metro area.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Making it to the League"

West Virginia University's  Joe Mazzulla, John Flowers and Mountain State's Paul Sturgess have begun training with Ignition APG this month. We'll be following their journey in depth with a series "Making it to the League", as each of them prepares to play professionally. Be sure to check back for updates, as each day will be a little different. You can expect videos, pictures, blog/diary entries, interviews, the guys mic'd up and weekly "confessionals". Take a look at their workout from Day 1, June 27:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ignition "Athlete of the Week": Cincinnati Bengals' Rey Maualuga

Throughout this offseason, a lot of the Bengals have been looking for places to train because of the lockout. Cincinnati Bengals' linebacker Rey Maualuga decided to work out at Ignition along with teammates, including Domata Peko. Rey says that while he has greatly improved physically, he has also seen his faith grow a lot during his time at Ignition and is thankful for the relationships he's built with everyone here. Take a look at what Rey has to say about what he calls his best offseason yet:

Game vs. Athletes in Action Bulgaria

Ignition had the great opportunity to be involved in an Athletes in Action game, as Ignition and Prasco put together a team to play vs. the AIA Bulgarian team while they were in Cincinnati last week. The team included: WVU's Joe Mazzulla and John Flowers, Mountain State's Paul Sturgess, Xavier's BJ Raymond, Rollins' Nick Wolf, Oklahoma State's Matt Pilgrim, UNC-Wilmington's Johnny Wolf, among others. Team Ignition/Prasco ended up with a 16-point win, but it was a very competitive game and a great night for everyone involved.

Check out some highlights from the game:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bulgarian Athletes in Action team trains with Ignition

Team Ignition had the privilege to train the Bulgarian Athletes in Action basketball team, who is traveling the country for a few weeks playing games. The AIA team came into Ignition on Monday, June 13 for a 90 minute training session with Coaches Clif Marshall and Ted Borgerding. Ignition's goal with this session was to teach the team how athletes in America train to become faster, stronger and better. 

"This was a great teaching session for everyone involved. Ignition is glad to impact athletes from across the globe both physically and spiritually. [Monday's] session was an awesome experience." said Coach Clif Marshall, Performance Director at Ignition. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Heart. Passion. We're as good as we want to be."

Check out this great feature on Cincinnati Bengals' linebacker and Ignition Athlete Rey Maualuga. Rey talks about his high expectations for himself and the Bengals defense this season. He expects himself to be a better all-around athlete and to step up as both a vocal leader and also a leader by example for the 2011 season. Carlos Holmes of Dayton Daily News caught up with Rey after Bengals defense minicamp at Ignition:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Frank Murphy tours for Ignition Football ProCamps

Frank Murphy is touring the country with ProCamps representing Ignition APG at different football camps. The first of these camps was the Wes Welker Camp in the Boston area, where over 100 youth athletes showed up. 

Murphy played college football at Kansas State University where he finished second on the Wildcats with 541 yards and six touchdowns on 96 carries. He was then drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2000. Throughout his career he also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans. Murphy is also the founder of Power143 Charities, an organization dedicated to improving disadvantaged communities.

We will continue to get updates from Murphy about the various ProCamps where he is representing Ignition! Be sure to follow Frank on Twitter: @TheFrankMurphy

Ignition joins ProCamps for Marvin Lewis Camp at Paul Brown Stadium

Team Ignition headed down to Paul Brown Stadium on Tuesday, June 7th to join ProCamps and the U.S. Army for the Marvin Lewis Army Strong camp. The high school athletes did some combine testing, Army Strong challenges and heard some words of advice from Bengals' Head Coach Marvin Lewis and former Bengal John Thornton. The event was also sponsored by Old Spice, and Muscle Milk. Take a look at Team Ignition's work at Marvin Lewis Camp:

NFL athletes mentoring youth athletes

We've been blessed at Ignition to have NFL, college and youth athletes all training with us this summer. With the uncertainty of the length of the NFL Lockout, you never know who you might run into at Ignition this summer. Youth athletes have been wide-eyed and excited to be working out next to some of the NFL's best athletes. Not only are they working out in the same facility, but the NFL players' have been great interacting with the kids. Last week, Domata Peko stopped to talk with a group of "FAST" session athletes giving advice and words of wisdom.

Domata Peko talking with some youth athletes
These youth athletes are getting a great opportunity to not only see how hard these professional athletes work but also learn that they're great people as well. 

Bengals' Rey Maualuga even gave one of our youth athletes some personal advice at the end of a session last week, "make sure you're drinking protein shakes and doing push-ups every night before you go to bed!"

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ignition "Athlete of the Week": NY Jets' John Conner

John Conner is a blueprint example of an Ignition athlete. JC has trained with Ignition since he was in high school at Lakota West. Ignition helped him prepare to walk on at University of Kentucky. He then trained at Ignition Florida to prepare for the NFL Combine, and was eventually an NFL Draft Pick to the New York Jets. John is also being featured in a documentary "Late Rounders", along with some other Ignition Florida athletes about the experience as a late round NFL Draft pick.

Check out our interview with JC about his experience at Ignition APG!

Ignition Lockout Training Days 77-79

Take a look at what the NFL guys were up to during last week's Lockout Training sessions:

Day 77
Day 78
Day 79: Chain Lifting, Boxing, and Position Work

Media covers Bengals' workouts at Ignition APG

The Bengals decided to be different from some of the other NFL teams holding workouts, by inviting the media to attend. Domata Peko, who helped organize the practices, sent an email to members of the media inviting them to attend the Bengals' practice on Tuesday at Ignition APG. Here's a look at some of the media coverage from this week!

Local media shows up at Ignition APG
All of the media during practice

Interviews after practice
Media surrounding Domata Peko after practice

Brad Johansen's story from Local 12 WKRC:
Including footage from both Ignition and UC, and interview with Andy Dalton

Dayton Daily News article and video:
Interviews with Clif Marshall, Domata Peko, Dontay Moch and Rey Maualuga.

Paul Dehner's article for
Great article focusing on Adam 'Pacman' Jones and Domata Peko, as well as the 10 Bengals who have been regularly training at Ignition

Joe Reedy's article on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer Sports section:

Joe Reedy's article on
Includes video with a great ending in team prayer.

Article on

Article on Spartans Sports Page:
Domata Peko's alma mater, Michigan State, proud of his step into a leadership role with the Bengals.

Updates from Twitter:

Brandon Ghee excited to be at Ignition
Rey, one of the regulars at Ignition, happy with how the defense looks.

Local 12's Brad Johansen tweets a picture while covering practice

Coach Clif Marshall thankful for a great first day. GGG = Give God Glory!