Friday, July 1, 2011

Making it to the League: June 30

Paul Sturgess: 

"We are coming to the end of the second week working out at Ignition. I have really been enjoying my time here, the work outs have been pretty tough but I've enjoyed working hard and getting better each day. Coach Ted has been pushing us all hard, and I have enjoyed working out alongside Joe and John. Has been really good to get back on the court more too, playing in a game against a pro team, was great playing against good competition and also playing on the same team as players coming from bigtime schools! Getting ready to close out the week with our last workout, and the infamous 'Woodway Fridays'!!"

Joe Mazzulla:

"Tomorrow is our second chance at "Woodway Friday" and I'm sitting in my hotel getting mentally prepared for it. It beat me last time and I'm not letting it happen again. It has been a great week of workouts and I want to end it on a good note. This has been great because we have been in a rhythm of lifting in the mornings then going to workout on the court and eating lunch. Me, Paul, John and Coach Ted have been working really hard. Ignition has been great because it is a family environment and easy for us to grow and mature in many aspects."

John Flowers:
"Working out at ignition has been the end of the second week in Cincy I can feel my body getting back in shape. My body is hurting especially my legs. Coach Ted is really pushing us.  It has really been a lot of fun. It's fun watching big Paul (7'8) do work! Woodway Friday almost killed me my first week I hope I can do better 2marrow! Peace! God bless!" 

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