Monday, July 2, 2012

NFL Summer Preseason Training: Day 5

11 NFL players came in for workouts at Ignition today, including:
John Conner - Jets
Ricardo Matthews - Colts
Terrance Newman - Bengals
Geno Atkins - Bengals
Luke Kuechly - Panthers
Tyjuan Hagler - FA
Josh Chichester - FA
Jon Fanene - Patriots
Nate Livings - Cowboys
Vinny Rey - Bengals
Brandon McKinney - Colts

Part of the speed portion of today's workout was the "push up start". At Ignition, we traing acceleration and fast twitch muscle fibers in every single workout. The NFL Group today spent time training on the "pushup start" which is one of our favorite drills here at Ignition. The exercise is designed to get a player up off the turf from a pushup position and quickly sprint for 10 yards. Today we did 10 reps at 10 yards. We had each position compete to see who could get through 10 yards the fastest. This is a great exercise for all football players looking to increase their speed.

Check out Day 5 in the video below!

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