Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NFL Summer Preseason Training: July 9

Day 9 of NFL Preseason Training included 6 new players joining us, including: Rey Maualuga (Bengals), Taylor Mays (Bengals), Mardy Gilyard (Eagles), Armon Binns (Bengals), Matt O'Donnell (Bengals), and Jerome Simpson (Vikings).One of the drills the guys did in the speed portion of their workout was band resisted high knee sprints. The volume for this drill was six reps at 15 yards. The reason we do this drill is to improve force production and acceleration mechanics. We want the player to focus on aggressively driving their knees higher while pushing forward as the band adds resistance. This creates an opportunity to increases stamina and strength in the lower leg region. Producing more force will make football players run faster on the game field. Speed Kills!Check out the rest of Day 9 below:

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